"At this unique Islamic Girls School, our students are immersed in an exciting and challenging curriculum that inspires a love of learning while demanding the focus and self-discipline necessary for success in college and beyond. "

~ Director, Farida M. Khan ~

Elementary School

 Elementary school is where we nurture the curiosity and the fresh energy young minds bring to the world.


Middle School

 Middle school is where we bring academic, emotional, and spiritual balance to the active, inquisitive, and impulsive minds of young adolescents. 


High School

High School is where students are given the opportunity to think about the purpose of life and how to embrace the challenges in our changing world.


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Toobaa Academy

31-21 31st St Astoria, NY 11106

(718) 626 - 5100


Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

About Us

 At Toobaa Academy, we're harnessing the power of an exclusive all girls Islamic education in new, innovative ways. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we're inspiring girls to take control of their classroom experience.  Toobaa Academy provides a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision. 

What's New?

 We are in the midst of an ambitious expansion. With this project comes exciting new spacious classrooms for our High School, a fully equipped laboratory, a comprehensive library, a modern kitchen-classroom and student Café - Lounge, all of which will enhance our program. 



"Toobaa Academy is a gift from Allaah to every Muslimah that walks through its doors."

- Sr. Jamilla - Mother

"I am in love with horses and I am a confident horseback rider.  Toobaa Academy presents me with all of the opportunities and challenges I need to succeed."

- Laylo Makhkamdjanova

"The sense of accomplishment I felt after completing the memorization of the entire  Qur'aan was great."

​- Hebah Moait