About Toobaa

Every girl enrolled in Toobaa Academy will be engaged in a challenging, rigorous, well-rounded instructional program and will graduate prepared for success at the university of her choice, in her career, family and public life.  


High Standards, Rigorous Curriculum and Powerful Instruction 

To reach the highest level of academic success we go beyond the basics (i.e, the required NYC educational expectations) to ensure that every girl enrolled at Toobaa will become critical-thinkers, effective communicators and responsible citizens of the world. The curriculum includes  Islamic art, history, heritage, literature, poetry, sunnah sports such as swimming and horse-back riding.  

Systems of Support that Meet Student Needs 

High expectations for every girl is coupled with a holistic approach that supports the individual needs of each girl. We remove barriers to learning with practices that promote girls’ health and safety, social and emotional development, school attendance and college, career and life preparation. 


Committed and Effective Teachers, Leaders and Staff 

Our teachers, support staff, and administrators are valued and developed.  They hold themselves accountable and will be rewarded for success. It is our priority to ensure that Toobaa is the place where the best talent comes to work.  

Engaged and Empowered Families and Communities 

Parents will be empowered as leaders who can advocate for their daughters.   We are resourceful in identifying community partners who can support the development, growth and learning of each girl.  

Sound Fiscal, Operational and Accountability Systems 

Priorities that lead to student success drive our planning, spending and accountability at all levels. Everyone who works at Toobaa is accountable for student outcomes. They are provided with useful data and guidance in working toward those goals.