Aims and Ethos

 At Toobaa Academy we are committed to providing an exciting, challenging, enriching and genuinely unique opportunity for girls.  Toobaa is a small, independent academy for spiritually motivated, highly academic, and ambitious girls.

Our aim is to educate every girl in all aspects of her development. We encourage all girls to love learning, to develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually, and to become exceptional leaders, role models and team members. Without the possible distraction of boys, girls have not just equal opportunity but every opportunity to take the lead. Far from being forced into stereotypes of behavior, they are encouraged to take healthy risks, to give things a try and to learn from failure. Their sense of self-worth will be enhanced by the recognition they receive for their efforts and their positive contribution in all fields. They will be the leaders of the school community, helping to make decisions about their facilities and education: leaders in the classroom without gender bias in the subjects they study: they will have leading roles in spiritual and academic activities, in sport, and in the charities we support both locally and further afield.  We aim to give them the imagination, the initiative, and above all the integrity to become influential role models in the future.

Our highly qualified and committed staff are committed to inspirational teaching and to the provision of an outstanding enrichment curriculum. The small class sizes and the individual attention girls receive both academically and spiritually ensures that every girl can achieve the best of which she is capable. The experience of learning and growing together in a small intimate school setting, gives them security, aspiration and a strong sense of sisterhood.

Every door is open to them as they develop into strong, confident believing women who will grow up in an international community and not just tolerate, but truly understand, the value and importance of the beliefs, customs and traditions of others. They will be girls who will bring their spirituality, their intelligence, their understanding, and their sense of social responsibility to the service of the communities in which they will live.