"Over the years our daughters have attended Toobaa Academy, Toobaa has proven itself to be superior in its curriculum, teaching methods and its outcome. Toobaa's noble goals, committed to the Quran and the Sunnah and love for Islam, are unparalleled and unique in their approach and implementation. This is a school for GIRLS ONLY and is the ONLY all girls Islamic school up to high school in all of NY. The careful selection of teachers and its emphasis on positive female leadership help further the development of confident young girls with the importance of shaping the best of character, hence the moto of the school: 'Excellent Manner Before Knowledge.'

In addition to the emphasis on Quranic studies and Islamic character, our children have excelled academically and usually beyond their grade level. The curriclum also includes various physical activities related to the Sunnah including an annual trip to a horse farm to study principles of horseback riding and treatment of animals and rigorous training in competitive swimming. In conjunction with the Islamic principles and values highlighted at Toobaa, the students are encouraged to participate in humanitarian activities such as visiting the sick and charity.

Toobaa not only understands the importance of academic growth but understands that the utlimate success is achieved through spiritual growth. The combined effects of its environment and the depths of learning in an institution like Toobaa is one that, InshaaAllaah, will have a lifelong impact on values, behavior and beneficial knowledge for all of its students, their future families and the community at large."

- Umm Luna, Noelia Guzman (Mother)

“My daughter has been going to Toobaa Academy for 3 years, and I am amazed with how much she has grown spiritually and academically. Before entering Toobaa, her English was rather weak as it was not her first language. Alhamdulillah, now she is a confident reader and writer. She also enjoys learning Arabic and reciting Qur’aan.  Another aspect I value Toobaa Academy for is its strong sisterhood. It is a close-knit community. There is love and caring among the students and teachers.”
- Shinobu (Zainab) Yildirim (Mother)

​“Toobaa Academy has made me stronger in my character, my faith, and in my life! I am so grateful for my experience there. I’m grateful for the things that I have learned that I will use in life. I’m grateful for the connections I have made with people I hope to be life-long friends with.  I am in love with my new found confidence that I am a Muslimah. I am truly grateful for my positive life-changing experience.  I am ever so grateful to Allah for allowing me to be a part of the wonderful Toobaa Academy for Girls. I pray Allaah continues to protect this school because I believe it deserves His protection.”
- Amirah Abdul Kareem (Student)

​“Before I went to Toobaa Academy, I always thought, in a way, that I was one person in the world. Now, I think that, because of one person, I am the world. Toobaa Academy changed my way of thinking. It woke me up from a deep nightmare that affected my family. It made me shine, and it made my mother smile. I’m really grateful for what Toobaa Academy has done for me. I have found what I need to do in this life.”
- Fana Abdul Kareem (Student)

​“I am grateful for Toobaa Academy’s vigorous Tarbiyyah Program (an ongoing inculcation of the youth to imitate the pious adults’ humility and good character) that trains the students to practice the moral character and manner of the Prophet (sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam). They are learning how to be clean, responsible, considerate, truthful, thankful, patient, kind, humble, forgiving, and giving - all these efforts, in order to imitate our Prophet (sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam) the best we can.”
- Sr. S. Islam (Mother)

​“Ever since I heard about Toobaa Academy, I was confident that this is the only school for my little girl. Other Islamic schools do not have the holistic environment and structure that Toobaa Academy does. When I looked into it further after it was recommended to me, The Director, and I had a delightful conversation in which I came to love the school the more she described it. She described their understanding of implementing Islam in the child’s whole life throughout the school day, rather than, say, for the prayer time. That was exactly what my daughter needed. I also was pleased by the fact that she readily involves the parents in the academic life of their child.

Most striking about The Director is that she really cares about the children’s lives. She will stand up for and defend a “Toobaa girl”, anywhere, any time. And this is an aspect of the believers mashaa’Allaah. The staff is also very professional, pleasant, and helpful. And I really got a sense of sisterhood over there.

I had always preferred a small classroom for my child, and I was pleased with how the staff pairs students as “partners”. I particularly loved the behavior chart; it shows that the staff urges onto good character as well as excelling in other things. The Qur’aan program in particular caught my fancy because the instructors were hand-picked, and there was a good interaction between them and the students.

But most remarkably, the success is seen in the students. One can recognize “A Toobaa Girl” by her dignity, behavior, understanding of Islam, deeper levels of thinking, and helpfulness. I saw these qualities in the girls. I also saw this success in every arena of daily life, small or big.  I noticed a positive change in my little girl from the first day, mashaa’ Allaah. She herself loved it there, which is the key when considering any school.

So that explains why, although there were other Islamic schools closer by, I was willing to commute for a longer time to take my daughter to Toobaa Academy than I would for another Islamic school. I recommend this all-girls academy anytime to anyone, and I urge anyone and everyone to donate to this wonderful school.”

- Umm Hadiya Raheem Ahmad (Mother)