Overview - Middle School

 The goal of Toobaa Academy’s Middle School is to bring academic, emotional, and spiritual balance to the active, inquisitive, and impulsive minds of young adolescents.

During this remarkable stage of life, young adolescents experience rapid developmental changes. Understanding the unique characteristics of young adolescents has helped us create a curriculum where our students can channel their exuberance and energy into academic discovery. Middle school students are just as eager to learn as elementary school children, and they are still concrete thinkers who need to touch, feel, and manipulate objects to understand them. They continue to learn more by doing than by just observing or listening.  

We offer them meaningful opportunities to continue to grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially as we celebrate the unique qualities of each student. Their individual goals are met through a tailored curriculum designed for them to reach their highest potential. In addition to classical education, they each participate in Sunnah Sports as encouraged by the Prophet, Muhammad (such as swimming and horseback riding) and become proficient in the Culinary Arts.

At this stage of their education, they gain mastery of the Classical Arabic Language (The Quranic Arabic - فصحة), because proficiency in Classic Arabic is the foundation that will lead them to a better understanding of the meaning of the Quran without having to rely on current English translations. Our students also use time spent in Middle School to complete the memorization of the entire Quran with Ijazah certification. They are also introduced to the spiritual benefits of fasting, the five daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers at the mosque, and humanitarian work (visiting the sick and elderly members of the community). Our intent is to prepare our girls for High School where they will be free to spend time exploring, reflecting, and pondering on the real purpose of life.

Educator John C. Holt once observed: “Over the years, I have noticed that the child who learns quickly is adventurous. She's ready to run risks. She approaches life with arms outspread.”

Our instructors encourage an adventuresome spirit, and although we have high expectations for our students, we allow them to explore their interests while also becoming immersed in classical subjects. We allow them to experiment and learn from their mistakes without being afraid of reprisal. In that way, their self-confidence remains intact and their sense of self remains intact.